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Is it safe?

Yes, Sleep Silent uses no screw, bolts, or rods and cannot be swallowed. Soft polymers ensure a comfortable fit throughout the night.

How do I care for the device?

It is important that you brush Sleep Silent with a tooth brush and tooth paste daily. Allow Sleep Silent to air dry everyday as it eliminates any bacterial build up on the device. In addition, denture solution can be used once a week or every two weeks. Avoid use of abrasive cleaners such as mouth wash, dish washing soap, ammonia, bleach and other household cleaning products.

Can Sleep Silent be worn with dentures or bridges?

Sleep Silent is not recommended for patients who wear dentures. If you have a bridge or partial that is located on the sides we would recommend that you speak with your provider to hear their professional opinion.

Can I re-fit Silent Sleep?

Yes, your custom impression can be done up to three times if your device is not displaying prominent teeth marks.

Is discomfort normal when I begin wearing the device?

Some users report an adjustment period to get acclimated to the device. Much like getting used to braces or a retainer for the first time, it is normal for your jaw, teeth, and gums to feel moderately sore and at first and will eventually subside.

Can Sleep Silent be worn with braces or retainers?

Sleep Silent is not recommended for any patients going through orthodontic treatment.

How can I track my order?

An order confirmation with your unit’s tracking will be sent to your email.

Is there any setup involved?

Sleep Silent uses the ‘boil-and-bite’ process to custom mold the device to your teeth.

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How often should I replace Sleep Silent?

Sleep Silent typically lasts anywhere from 7-9 months. The severity of bruxism may impact the lifespan of the device.

What is your return policy?

Effective October 1, 2018, we no longer offer offers returns or replacements.

All sales are final. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Required Materials



Two cups water

Spatula or tongs


 Bring to Boil

Bring a cup of water to boil in the microwave.

 Submerge the Device

Place Sleep Silent into the cup of boiled water for precisely 90 seconds.

 Remove Residual Hot Water

Remove the device using a spatula or tongs. Quickly place it into a bowl of tap water for 2-3 seconds to remove any excess hot water.

 Create the Custom Impression

Bite down firmly into the device for 30 seconds.

 Set the Mold

Remove Sleep Silent from your mouth and place it in the cup of tap water for 60 seconds to set your impression.

Sleep Silent works best with a deep impression of the teeth. If this does not occur, repeat steps 1-5.

Adjusting Sleep Silent

Begin wearing Sleep Silent at the factory jaw setting of ‘3’. After two nights, gradually adjust in 1 mm increments to find a comfortable setting. Stop if jaw pain is noticed.

  Proper Positioning

Hold Sleep Silent in a ‘P’ position in your left hand with the lower tray facing up.

  Squeeze in Sides

Simultaneously squeeze in both sides of the upper jaw piece with your lower right thumb and forefinger. If required, use your left fingers as shown to assist movement.

 Advance the Tray

While squeezing in both sides, ‘rock’ the bottom half of the tray forward or backward one notch at a time. Make sure both tray sides are adjusted to the same setting.

Make sure both sides of the device read the same setting.