Sleep Silent is the most advanced night guard available.

Comfortable Fit

Thin profile and non-invasive design ensures a good night’s rest.

Professional Quality

Non-toxic, medical grade materials. BPA and latex free.


Safely adjust Sleep Silent to a position that works best for you.

Open Front

Natural breathing through mouth and nose for better circulation.

Custom Impression

Custom-fitted to your teeth using the ‘Boil and Bite’ process.


Sleep Silent is guaranteed to work the very first night you use it.

Teeth Cushion

Prevents grinding of the teeth to protect tooth surfaces.

Bruxism Protection

Protects fillings and veneers.

Ready to Use in Five Minutes

Sleep Silent uses a ‘boil-and-bite’ process to custom mold the device to your teeth.

Sleep Silent is proudly designed and manufactured in the United States.

Take Control of the Quality of Your Sleep

See why people love it.

The results speak for themselves. Over 90% of users reported getting better sleep using Sleep Silent.